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                                   by Tracy Truran.

My husband and I started off with Ian Campbell’s line 6 years ago. We kept his original line, and are breeding with my lines now. I don’t like to cross the lines as we find it to hard to keep track of the bloodline.

We breed to Australian Plymouth rock standards. We joined our local club “Tenterfield poultry club Inc” and the “Plymouth Rock club of Australian Inc”. We then started looking into the breed and standard for type. We used show horses so the showing animal’s comes natural to us. We only had one Rock colour up until 2010, we decided to purchase Plymouth Rock partridge bantams (gold pencilled) to expand our Plymouth Rock breeds. With the birds we have owned and bred we have enjoyed good success, with wins like best of breed champions at Tenterfield, Warwick, Lismore, Stanthorpe, Ipswich and the Tamworth national show 2011 with 233 in entries 62 darks barred. With our cockerel winning bird of show and our hen that won Res-Champion and opp/sex at Tenterfield Plymouth rock feature 2010

I would like to thank all the clubs that put on a good shows and their members (you know who you are) for their advise and help for our great success in 2011 and hope to see you all at many more shows to come.

                     From Tracy and Darren Truran. 


28/6/2009 Tenterfield annual show

Champion breed Plymouth Rock with pullet.


27/6/2010   Tenterfield Poultry Club Inc. annual show. feature breed the Plymouth Rock   Judge.. Mr Joe Madirazza.

Res-Champion large opp-sex Plymouth Rock with a hen.


11/6/2011 Lismore annual show.

Champion Partridge bantam and 1st with hen (that won 2009 show at Tenterfield)



5/6/2011 Ipswich Plymouth Rock titles    

Judge … Mr Midge Thompson

Champion partridge bantams,   place 3rd to 5th next to Ian Campbell in large.

17/7/2011 the Plymouth Rock Club of Aust- national show at Tamworth   judge.. Gary Phillips

Best champion Standard dark barred.

Champion Bird of Show.

Best champion male partridge.

 Tamworth Nationals Presentation.