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2012 Show Results.


Tenterfield Agricultural Show 2012.


Section 16 Poultry Results

Entries: 145.

Bird of Show: Trow Family


Reserve Bird of Show: Pelusi Family


Hard-feather Large: Champion, T.N.Brown


                                  Reserve Champion, Edge Poultry


Hard-feather Bantam: Champion, Pelusi Family


                                     Reserve Champion, Pelusi Family


Waterfowl: Champion, Sarah O’Conner


                    Reserve Champion, T.N.Brown


Junior: Champion, K,B,J Trow


             Reserve, K,B,J Trow


Turkey: Champion, Sarah O’Conner


Breeding Pair: Champion, Kellie Rigby


Soft-feather Large: Champion, Fowler Family


                                 Reserve Champion, Darren Collier


Soft-feather Bantam: Champion, Trow Family


                                    Reserve Champion, Cox & Jones

2011 Ag Show Colouring Comp.

Age Group:


                1st  Kyanne Fowler.

                     2nd Savannah Franchi, Hunter Hennessy.

                     3rd Ainsley Wilcox, Tyler Mumford.


                1st. Lily Collier.

                2nd. Angela, Rylan Wilcox.

                3rd. Sarah Harvey, Joeseph Truran.


                1st. Courtney Moss.

                2nd. Georgina Chawner, Jacob Chawner.

                3rd. Tashanah Zournazior, Gregory Zournazior.

 The pictures of the colouring comp are on the

"Photo Gallery" page for the 2011 Ag Show.

2011 Annual Show

 Award Winner Breed
 Bird of Show M & D Cook Btm Birchen Modern
 Res Bird of Show David Fowler Lge Australorp
 Ch Lge Softfeather David Fowler Lge Australorp
 Res Ch Lge Softfeather David Fowler Lge Wyandotte
 Ch Lge Hardfeather Pelusi Family Lge Aussie Game
 Res Ch Lge Hardfeather Sam Pillar Lge CF Pitt Game
 Ch Btm Softfeather Stelan Farm Pekin Btm
 Res Ch Btm Softfeather H & D McKenzie Btm Blk Leghorn
 Ch Btm Hardfeather M & D Cook Btm Birchen Modern
 Res Ch Btm Hardfeather Tony Hickey Btm CF Pitt
 Ch Lge Softfeather Breeding Pair David Fowler 
 Ch Lge Hardfeather Breeding Pair Sam Pillar Lge CF Pitts
 Ch Btm Softfeather Breeding Pair Bob Fowler 
 Ch Lge Hardfeather Breeding Pair Ron Porter 
 Ch Breeding Pair Overall Ron Porter 

 George Brauer Memorial Trophy. Bird of Show.

 M & D Cook Btm Birchen Modern
 Dick Cook Memorial Trophy. Best Rhode Island Red in Show. Wayne McCosker RiR
 Ch Junior Exhibit. Flynn Schieb Btm Langshan Plt
 Res Ch Junior Exhibit. Flynn Schieb Btm Langshan Ckl